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The University of Tennessee Research Foundation in partnership with Tickle College of Eng. has developed the TEL BOXX, Tamper Evident Lock box, that proactively limits hospitals exposure to non-reimbursable high costs due to patients with a history of IV drug abuse, who are historically uninsured or Medicaid insured. This technology was later licensed to Tel Boxx LLC, a Tennessee based start up. The TEL BOXX provides the necessary documentation needed by the hospital so that a blood stream infection due to patient tampering with their IV line does not count against the facility. It further enables the facility to discharge such patients to an outpatient care or skilled nursing facility there by reducing patient cost and increasing bed turnover rate. The TEL BOXX benefits hospitals in areas with high opioid use. One of the customers of the TEL BOXX from the University of Pennsylvania’s Lancaster facility recently wrote to UTRF “it is the best product on the market today for what we need.” The TEL BOXX has been used in over 20 patients and is estimated to have saved healthcare cost in aggregate of one million dollars.

Fighting the Epidemic

by Dr. Matthew Mench

UT prototype can prove when hospital patients tamper with IV lines